I defy you to watch this new trailer for the live-action Space Battleship Yamato movie, complete with the original TV series theme tune, and not get goosebumps. You can't do it. See more incredible VFX and tense drama below. Spoilers...

We showed you an ultra-short teaser trailer for this film back in January, but now there's loads more footage. And it's so. freakin. great. As TwitchFilm points out, director Takashi Yamazaki is a genuine special effects genius, who worked as a VFX supervisor on the big-budget steampunk-influnced K-20. He also directed the well-regarded film Returner. So he's the perfect person to bring back one of the most beloved space opera sagas of all time, Uchu Senkan Yamato.


Here's a second trailer, with different music and a bit more dialog. Try viewing it at 720-pixel HD size, and then expand it to fullscreen. Well worth it.

Here's a news report with some clips included:

We're heading off to Iskandar on Dec. 1 — at least that's the Japanese release date. Who knows when the Yamato will come to the U.S. [Yamato-Movie, via Wildgrounds]

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