New Film Marjorie Prime Stars Jon Hamm as a Sexy Computer Program

Image: FilmRise
Image: FilmRise

There’s nothing more painful than losing a loved one. But what if you didn’t ever have to lose them? That’s the future imagined in Marjorie Prime, starring Lois Smith as the titular Marjorie, a woman who uses a computer program to create an artificial intelligence that simulates her husband, played by Jon Hamm, after his death.


The trailer, premiered by EW, examines what it means to be human, to be in love, and to grieve, as Geena Davis, who plays Marjorie’s daughter, and Tim Robbins as her husband struggle to understand Marjorie’s choice to live in the memory of her lost love rather than trying to move on with her life.

The film, an adaptation of Jordan Harrison’s Pulitzer-Prize nominated play of the same name, is drawing comparisons to Spike Jonze’s Her and Black Mirror, as they are both based on exploring technology’s relationship to humans, and both have involved holograms, AI, and/or life after death facilitated by computers. It’s easy to understand why Marjorie would never want her husband to leave her, but I doubt any of us would want to move on with our lives if we could have a young John Hamm forever. Marjorie Prime premiers in New York and Los Angeles on August 18th, and nationwide soon after.

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