New Eureka Is All About Love, Baby Gadgets And Letting The Cop Direct

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We got to spend some going back to Eureka, with the local sheriff, Colin Ferguson and co-creator Jamie Paglia, who talked about the new direction of the midseason. This year everyone is in love, except for Jack and Allison.


How is the story arc going forward?

CF: From an acting perspective, what's really nice is about these episodes is that I have these emotional lines, mostly with Jordan, whether she is or isn't going to go to college. Also there's dealing with Salli (who plays Allison) in more of a friendship capacity than in a lover capacity, because she's pregnant. I enjoyed that, and being able to dig deeper on the friendship angle of our relationship.


JP: We wanted to bring in a new love interest for Carter, and change the dynamic that we had traditionally [featured, which was] the two alpha males battling over the alpha female. We wanted to bring in a new character, with the actress Jamie Ray Newman who playing Tess Fontana — who has a history with Allison, they are old friends. But that gets a little tense, when she and Carter begin to develop a romantic connection. Which was really fun to play, and to give Carter a real honest love interest.

CF: Yeah it was a nice change of pace to be both receiving and giving of love with the character, than with the relationship I played with Salli, which is sort of unrequited and confused most of the time. It was nice.

What were you excited to bring out this year?

We wanted to bring in a romantic quality of the show...We wanted Fargo to get a girlfriend, which we've finally done. We wanted to step up the relationship with Jo and Zane and challenge it. Is it a short term thing, or is it something more? And also for Zoe and her boyfriend Marcus, who's at an age now where they are talking about college and whether or not they are going to go to the same place. We got a chance to deepen those connections and relationships.


Other surprises this year included Ferguson getting to direct an episode...

JP: We always wanted to do these smaller stories and by me being able to direct an episode, it pulled me out of the plot, in a way where we actually got to write a smaller, more character driven episode for Erica (who plays Jo).


What are some of your favorite gidgets and gadgets we're going to see this year?

I think that two of my favorite gadgets have to do with the Eureka baby shower for Allison's character and some of the things that the scientists created for her. What does a super absorbent diaper or baby bottle or a bib look like when it's been created at Global Dynamics? What's a maternity dress or shirt look like when its come from the greatest minds in science and technology? I think those are some of my very favorite ideas. There is an aspect of that show that ties into the emotional part of Carter and Alison — it's the backbone of the episode. It's a device that I wish existed, it would be great.

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What's the Big Bad this season?

JP: We wanted to have another Big Bad, but we wanted it to be something different and have it sort of tie in some how to the historical aspect of our characters and the town on a personal level. So it's not necessarily a person, its a thing. We don't know what it is. But the question is, is it from out there? Is it man made? But it is coming towards Eureka, and we have to deal with it.


Some of the actors from BSG are appearing on other Syfy shows like Warehouse 13. Will any BSG actors pop up in Eureka?

JP: I would love to have some of them on our show. We've talked about it, there's this concept that focuses on our smart house SARAH, and her desire to not be a housewife to Carter. But to get out and get a job and experience the world. There was an episode in season 2 where she got to download into a smart car for awhile, where she was able to get out and feel the wind in her hair, so to speak, but [we'd like to have an episode] where she manages to become personified. I have an idea of who'd I'd like to play that character, if we ever get the chance to do it. I'll just say that they happen to be on Battlestar Galactica.


And finally I'm sad to say it, but it doesn't look like Ed Quinn, who plays the strong willed Nathan Stark, will be back. They would love to have him back but, it's just not going to happen. But don't give up hope on your Eureka dreams coming true. In fact both Ferguson and Paglia are still rooting for Jack and Allison, and want the two to "earn it," so it sounds like it's going to be a while until we see these two kids back in love, but at least there's faith.

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