New Episodes of Steven Universe Are Coming, But Not To Your Television

Image: Cartoon Network
Image: Cartoon Network

It feels like it’s been years since we last heard what was going on with the residents of Beach City. There was a Steven Universe panel at this year’s New York Comic Con, but otherwise, there’s been no word of when the show might be coming back to finally answer some of its most pressing cliffhangers.


The latest batch of Steven Universe drops on November 10 (next Friday), but rather than airing on television, the episodes will be streaming on the official Cartoon Network app. The announcement made today with a new teaser trailer for the next Stevenbomb and it’s packed full of all sorts of Beach City drama.

Nanefua Pizza is running for mayor against Mayor Dewey. Sadie, Jenny Pizza, Sour Cream, and Steven sing a song about becoming zombies as they join the labor force. Connie and Lion are pissed at Steven and the Crystal Gems are still keeping secrets from everyone. Steven Universe’s triumphant return’s going to be a whole lot of drama for your phone’s screen.

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So...are they trying to kill this show like Nick did with Korra?