New Enterprise Will Look Like Old Enterprise

  • Fanwankers, unclench: The Enterprise won't look much different in the new Star Trek movie, except for a "grittier metal texture." And J.J. Abrams has been shooting desert scenes that could be the birth of Spock. [IESB]
  • Sean Connery's son will direct an action-thriller about an elite army team who must rescue a scientist from the monster he unleashed. In "Untitled Gehenna Project," Cuba Gooding Jr. leads the group of soldiers that must rescue a scientist played by Ron Perlman from his underground lab. A priest played by Henry "Black Flag" Rollins warns them that an ancient evil has been unleashed. And their former leader, Ray Winstone, helps them uncover the truth about Perlman's compromised research. Jason Connery, who used to play Robin Hood on TV, made his directorial debut with Pandemic. [Hollywood Reporter]

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV and The Munsters come to film, below the fold...

  • Before Southland Tales has even had a chance to recharge her career, star Sarah Michelle Gellar is thinking of bailing out of movies. She's disenchanted with the movie scripts she's been seeing, so she's looking at TV scripts. [E! Online]
  • The Wayans Brothers are producing and writing the movie version of The Munsters, but they won't star in it. "We're going to get some white people and paint them green," says Shawn Wayans. It can't be as scary as White Chicks was.
  • Spider-Man 3 and Resident Evil 3 helped boost Sony Japan to its strongest box office ever. They must really love three-quels in Japan. [Variety Asia]

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