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New "Earth Stood Still" TV Spots Give Away The Movie's Plot

Illustration for article titled New Earth Stood Still TV Spots Give Away The Movies Plot
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Did a toy company accidentally give away the goods on Transformers 2's biggest new robot? You decide. There's no doubt, however, that two new TV ads provide a way better idea of exactly why Keanu Reeves visits our planet in The Day The Earth Stood Still, and what the film's central conflict is. Also, a new set pic gives us our first look at a crucial character in the new G.I. Joe movie. There are also life-changing, pulse-pounding spoilers for Lost, The Last Airbender, Sanctuary, Eleventh Hour and Supernatural. Rend the fabric of space-time by reading some forbidden spoilers! The Day The Earth Stood Still: Two new TV spots reveal some major plot points and a couple of great lines of dialogue from this remake of the 1950s classic. In the first, Keanu actually works the deadpan thing pretty well, when the woman asks him, "Why have you come to our planet?" And he looks mildly confused when he replies, "YOUR planet?" And in the second, the narrator and the scraps of dialog make it sound like Keanu was actually sent to wipe the human race out, not just to warn us. And the "process has begun." He can still stop the destruction, says Jennifer Connelly. But can she convince him to do it? [First Showing]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: Toy spoilers! My favorite kind! This is a bit confusing, but here goes. Someone met with a Hasbro Product Manager for the Transformers sequel, and the guy said there will be two different versions of the Constructicon toys released along with the film. One version, the "Gestalt version," will consist of the construction vehicles in vehicle mode, which can join together to form Devastator. The other version will consist of "Deluxe" versions of the construction vehicles, which can transform into individual robots but can't join together. So it sounds as though the Constructicons will only be able to join together to form Devastator as drones "with no robot mode." It'll look similar to the Energon Optimus Prime toy, as seen in this pic. (Bigger version at the link.) [Seibertron]

Illustration for article titled New Earth Stood Still TV Spots Give Away The Movies Plot
Illustration for article titled New Earth Stood Still TV Spots Give Away The Movies Plot

G.I. Joe: Latino Review scored a first look at Gerald Okamura in costume as the Hard Master, the Ninja master and leader of the Arashikage clan, who teaches both Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, and is connected to the rift between those two. G.I. Joe takes place in the Egyptian desert and deep below the polar ice caps. The G.I. Joe team uses next-gen spy and military equipment to fight arms dealer Destro and the mysterious COBRA organization. And no, "Hard Master" doesn't sound like a porn name at all. Bigger pic at the link. [Latino Reivew] The Last Airbender: M. Night Shyamalan says his next movie, based on the hit cartoon, won't be a thriller, or scary, or have a twist at the end. But it'll have other aspects of his work, like spirtiuality, family, relationships and optimism. "You'll be able to tell in 30 seconds that I directed it." He's eager to make a sequel, and will work on the script for a second film this fall. That way, it won't be a matter of "Oh, the first one made a lot of money, so let's make another one." The whole thing is a "very clear, Shakespearean story told over three movies." [MTV] Lost: That new character the show is introducing, the smart funny and cute 30-year-old, will be a love interest for some regular character on the show — probably Sayid, say the experts. [EW] Some are speculating that huge car crash involving Locke in "The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham" leaves him unable to walk, which is why he's in a wheelchair in some of the other recently filmed scenes. Also, there are rumors some of the Oceanic Six have been filming scenes where they're back on the island — but these could be flashbacks or something. [UGO] Also, I guess I missed this the other day. Here are some unconfirmed reports about recent filming. In one scene, Sayid and Hurley have been killing some of Widmore's associates, but now Widmore's men are on their tail. So they go to a safehouse which Ben set up, but two of Widmore's people are waiting there: a man and a woman. Sayid gets shot before he and Hurley manage to overpower Widmore's thugs. Then he takes the battery out of the woman's cell phone and replaces it with a GPS transponder. Meanwhile, Kate gets a visit from her probation officer, who's pissed because she left the state, and handcuffs her because she's a flight risk. He says he's taking Aaron to Child Protective Services, but then he gets gunned down by a mysterious person. Then it turns out the probation officer isn't really a probation officer, but someone who works for Widmore. And finally, Locke gets captured by a tribe of the island's original inhabitants, who have dwindled down to almost nothing ever since other people came to the island. Alpert was part of this group, but then left it. Locke escapes, killing one of the tribespeople in the process. The brother of the guy Locke kills wants revenge, and the tribespeople think Locke is the bad man from "her" visions. Alpert invokes the longstanding truce between the tribespeople and the Others, but to no avail. Alpert summons the smoke monster to deal with the tribespeople, and it's different than before, in a way that terrifies Locke. Locke runs away and gathers Daniel, Charlotte, Sawyer and the others into a boat, heading out onto the water. He insists they have to stay in the water to be safe, but then they come across Jin floating out there, and his wounds require immediate treatment with the supplies back on the island. So everyone else insists that they have to go back to the beach to save Jin, over Locke's protests. (I'm a tad dubious about this batch of filming reports, which seem made-up and also a bit too detailed just for someone watching the filming. But here they are, just in case.) [LostRumors] Eleventh Hour: In the Nov. 20 episode, "Surge," a government experiment to create super-soldiers goes awry. Doesn't it always? [SpoilerTV] Supernatural: More about that Ben Edlund-scripted episode that airs tonight. Apparently it's really insane and over the top, and features a giant seven-foot-tall teddy bear. It's all thanks to a wishing well that actually grants wishes. But in Edlund's original script, at least, the reason for the wishing well was a scary fish that's like a proto-demon. (But chances are we won't see any fish, for the same budgetary reasons we'll never see a chupacabra on the show, unless it's a guy who says, "I'm a chupacabra.") Oh, and here's a clip. [SFUniverse]

Sanctuary: What's ahead for the Amanda Tapping show that doesn't have "gate" in the title? Producer Damian Kindler tells Sci FI Magazine:

We're going to lots of places and meeting lots of different types of abnormals," says creator and executive producer Damian Kindler. "We're going to go capture witches in Scotland. We're going to try to transport a deadly creature across the Himalayas in a plane, and that's not going to work out so well [laughs]. We're going to bring some stuff back from the Amazon that grows in our Sanctuary out of control. We're going to go the catacombs underneath Rome and deal with vampires. In upcoming episdes, "Magnus and Will's relationship evolves from episode to episode. That they really do challenge each other, support each other, have moments of doubt with each other, but they really are meant to work together. He really is the protege she's been waiting for 100 years, and I think every episode he proves why." ... As for Magnus' daugher, Ashley, "she does go through hell," he says. 'Her relationship with her mother is completely rocked to the core because very, very sensitive and powerful information comes to light that Magnus has been hiding from her ... She does get some really juicy stuff to play, but she also does a lot of cool ass-kicking, she shoots stuff, blows stuff up, and fights and gets quippy."

[Subduction Leads To Orogeny] Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.

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@ Charlie Jane Anders: about that Transformers spoiler i think you're inferring something that isn't there. to me (and i know hasbro and the transformers toy team) it sounds like the Constructicons in the movie will be able to either turn from vehicles into robots or combine into devastator, what this guy was saying was that there won't be any toys that actually do both. hasbro often releases multiple versions of the same transformer in multiple scales. each will have different capabilities then the other. there's nothing there at all that would make me infer that they'll only be drones, especially since they will have robot and vehicle alt modes.