The Dylan Dog movie, otherwise known as Dead Of Night, has been hounded by negative press for years. But this latest trailer makes the supernatural thriller look kind of cute, mostly thanks to Being Human's Sam Huntington. Watch it now.

Brandon Routh is Dylan Dog supernatural detective and peacekeeper in the live action adaptation of Tiziano Sclavi's graphic novel. The premise is simple, set in New Orleans Dylan solves supernatural crimes. His biggest problem is the vampire street gang, led by Taye Diggs. But, the most interesting part of this movie, to us, is the zombie world. In Dylan Dog, zombies have stores where they shop for new skin, hold jobs — and according to this trailer, host undead support groups. Dylan's sidekick, played by Huntington, is a newly made zombie and possibly this film's saving grace. His shtick in the scenes above is actually quite endearing.


Dylan Dog will hit theaters on April 29th.

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