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The Lost season six DVD box set doesn't come out for another week, but the blooper-reel and snippets from the special features are out now. Watch actors try to keep track of their intrigues, plus the pilot's worryingly "cheesy" moment.


All of these new special features are online courtesy of E! Online. Here's the blooper reel, including Josh Holloway's "brain fart" and Alan Dale's confusion at which complicated plot thingy he's meant to be expounding just now:


Jorge Garcia talks to Michael Emerson about his first line in the pilot (which was cut.) And Damon Lindelof said one Sawyer moment in the pilot made him worry this show was going to be so bad and "cheesy" that nobody would ever watch it. Plus Lindelof explains why only good-looking people survived the crash. (Even Frogurt?)

And then there are some platitudes about the hero's journey:

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