We know that pop stars are readying the world for a scifi tidal wave, but perhaps some of them need a bit more guidance. The new music video for Christina Aguilera's “Keeps Gettin’ Better” is a mess of hits and misses. Hit: comic book action and a lady producer bringing her characters to life. Miss: dressing up like Catwoman. Potential miss: Peter Berg, who is about to helm the new Dune remake, directed this vid. Don't get me wrong: I like Tina. The girl can wail. But I don't like the lightning-shooting cat who rides a motorcycle and plays with a toy gun. But you be the judge — is this kitten a win? Come on girl where was that sexy space lady with a hint of retro fun? No more channeling 2004 for inspiration, and you definitely need to retire that whole motorcycle nonsense. Plus the whole Supergirl versus Superbitch whatnot is a little played out. Robo-Beyonce, show her how it's done.But even more interesting is the fact that this music video was directed by Berg. Is this a hint of Dune to come?

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