New Drug Helps People Grow Super-Brains

BrainCells, a new company based in San Diego, is testing several drugs that will give you a super-powerful, enhanced memory (and maybe other cognitive properties too) by growing more neurons in your head. Going simply by the names BCI-540 and BCI-632, the compounds can stimulate 20 percent more brain cells brain to grow than normal. Much of the new growth would be replacing cells that our brain is losing all the time.

The drug BCI-540 was originally an Alzheimer's drug, and BrainCells' CEO James Schoeneck says the company would mostly market it for helping people with degenerative diseases get their minds back in working order. It could work well as an anti-depressant as well. But in animals tests, BCI-632 has so far shown an ability to enhance memory functions in healthy lab rats. The company hopes to begin trials on people some time next year. Sounds to me like a great opportunity to be a guinea pig.


Source: Technology Review, Image:

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