Guys, you've got to see this new trailer for the upcoming documentary The Death of Superman Lives, about the legendary failed Man of Steel movie. It features so much new behind-the-scenes footage that reveals how close the movie got to being made — including test footage of Nic Cage flying.


I remember pretty much losing my mind at all the Nic Cage as Superman news back in the '90s, but now, looking at this footage, I'm almost sad this didn't get made. Oh, it would have almost certainly been a terrible Superman movie, all right, but I bet it still would have been entertaining as hell. I mean, I have to agree with Kevin Smith here. If you had never heard of any of this, and someone on the street randomly came up to you and asked, "Hey, would you watch a Superman movie starring Nic Cage?" wouldn't you say yes? Just to know?

Still no word on when The Death of Superman Lives will be released, but man, I can't wait.


[Via Bleeding Cool]

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