New Doctor Who Actor Named Tomorrow

According to news reports, we'll finally learn who's stepping into the dapper threads of David Tennant as the star of the BBC's time-traveling action-soap-dramedy Doctor Who tomorrow. Whoever it is will take over early in 2010, after the last of the four one-off specials Tennant is starring in. So today is your last chance for rumor-mongering and baseless speculation. Next up: after the leather jacket and suit-with-trainers looks, what will the next Doctor sport? [Guardian]


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Jack B. Quick

They're announcing it on a special edition of Doctor Who Confidential, which goes on at 17:35 limey time. And to top that off, the BBC is actually broadcasting it live on big screen in several town centers around the UK (I'm assuming London and Cardiff, for starters). This is a big deal in England, and for geekdom in general!