New Details Of Battlestar's Prequel: Cylons Came From Human Grief

As soon as people started describing Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica prequel, as "Dallas in space," it got a lot harder to take seriously. But the TV movie, which tells the story of the Cylons' creation decades before they rose up and wiped out most of the human race, may actually explore some interesting territory. It turns out the genesis of the Cylons wasn't ambition or greed, but grief. (I'm assuming this isn't an April Fools thing, but you never know.) Click through for details.

Originally, according to E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos, Ron Moore didn't intend to show the forebears of any Galactica characters in this spin-off. But he's apparently changed his mind — which could have something to do with the Sci Fi Channel's decision to greenlight the backdoor pilot — and now we'll see Bill Adama's father, Joseph. As you may have heard, Caprica is the story of attorney Joseph Adama and his relationship with the Graystone family.


Daniel Graystone is a computer genius, married to the unfaithful Amanda, a gifted surgeon. Their daughter, Zoe, dies in a suicide bombing by religious fanatics, including Zoe's boyfriend. Also killed in that bombing: Joseph Adama's wife and daughter.

Before Zoe dies, she installs the "rudimentary elements" of her personality and DNA into a computer, creating a digital twin called Zoe-A. After Zoe dies, her father uses that materials, along with soem stolen technology to create a robot version called Zoe-R. This is the "Cylonic Eve."

And then Joseph Adama works with Daniel Graystone to recreate his dead daughter as well. But he's "ethically appalled by the robot version of his dead [daughter], Tamara, and repents his actions." In his grief and remorse, Joseph grows closer to his nine-year-old son Bill.

As I said, I'm assuming this isn't an April Fools thing, but it could well be... The daddy/daughter stuff echoes some themes we've seen in Battlestar itself, particularly between Adama and Starbuck. [E! Online]


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