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Excellent news! Disney has announced new details about the animated series that will serve as a continuation of Big Hero Six, as well as new art from the show—and confirmed that the vast majority of the film’s voice cast will reprise their roles for it.


Picking up right after the events of the movie, the Big Hero 6 show will follow Hiro in his new dual life as both a tech wiz at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and as a superhero saving the city from villains alongside his friends.


Pretty much all the main cast of the film will reprise their roles. Scott Adsit and Ryan Potter return as Baymax and Hiro, as do Jamie Chung as Go Go and Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon. However, T.J. Miller and Damon Wayans, who played Fred and Wasabi, will not return—Brooks Wheelan and Khary Peyton respectively replace them. Other returning actors from the film include Alan Tudyk as San Fransokyo businessman Alistair Krei, Maya Rudolph as Aunt Cass, David Shaugnessy as Fred’s butler Heathcliff, and even Stan Lee as Fred’s dad.

The Big Hero 6 animated series is expected to premiere on Disney XD next year.

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