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Here's the first glimpse of the filming for Fringe, J.J. Abrams' new FBI-investigates-weird-shit show. Yes, it's just a row of Boston police cars, but this picture was taken in Toronto (by Flickr user Asianz.) Another batch of reviews of the Fringe pilot script have emerged online — and apparently it's not really an X-Files clone. It's closer, in tone and style, to Heroes. Spoilers ahead.


The two new Fringe script reports mostly confirm what we already knew. Zap2It has a new synopsis:

When something disturbing, unexplainable and just a bit icky happens to the passengers on an international flight, FBI Agent Olivia Warren (Torv) begins an investigation that leads her to Dr. Walter Bishop (Noble), a renegade scientist whose unorthodox experiments into fringe phenomena led arrests and eventually institutionalization. Warren can only get Bishop out with the help of his estranged son Peter (Jackson), a young man with a genius IQ, but questionable morals and motivation. The son isn't ready to reconcile with his father, the father isn't ready to be reintegrated into the outside world and Olivia isn't ready to serve as babysitter, but they form an unlikely team. How does the airplane tragedy relate to The Pattern, a race of unexplained occurrences sweeping the world? And what does any of this have to do with the mysterious Prometheus Corporation, one of the world's most forward-thinking companies? And what do we make of Broyles (Reddick), the head of the Homeland Security's newly formed Fringe Division?


But the FringeTV fan blog (already!) says the pilot everyone's reviewing is an early draft, and there may be massive rewrites. [Zap2It, via FringeTV]

Meanwhile, screenwriter Jill Golick produces a snatch of dialogue between FBI agent Olivia Warren (Anna Torv) and high-school drop-out Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), the son of an imprisoned mad scientist:

Olivia: They gave him the resources to do whatever work he wanted, which was primarily in an area called Fringe Science. He conceived experiments meant to push the boundaries of possibility. And, some would say, ethics.
Peter: Fringe science- you mean "pseudoscience."
Olivia: I suppose. Things like mind control. Teleportation. Astral projection, invisibility, genetic mutation, reanimation, fertility —

Are they talking about Peter's dad? Either way, I love that "fertility" is in with all that other stuff. Almost every scene in the pilot "involves Olivia." The script starts with a three-and-a-half-minute sequence in which something "fringe-y" happens (maybe the thing where everyone on a plane has their skin melt?) and then the titles swirl into view as a spooky theme plays. And then we meet Olivia in a personal, non-professional, moment, before she swings into action. [Jill Golick]

Fringe shooting image by Asianz.


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