New DC/CW Crossover Trailer Reveals the Alien Menace, a Returning Foe, and More

We’ve got another brief glimpse at the big crossover between Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, and unsurprisingly it is filled with the delights these shows have become known for. But it also gives us our first look at the big bad guys the heroes will be teaming up against: DC’s Dominators.


While they’re very much not as neon-yellow as they were in the comics—and are now naked instead of wearing clothing—it’s a pretty good translation of the original comic design to live-action.

It’s not just the Dominators we get a good look at, though. The trailer also offers another look at Legends of Tomorrow’s Nate Heywood in his full Citizen Steel costume, complete with helmet. And yes, it is still amazingly goofy, and yet it kind of works?

The trailer also seemingly gives us a hint that the Dominators will be using some of their comic book mastery of genetics to build copies of people in the crossover, too. Not only do we see Flash and Supergirl tag-teaming on someone who looks human rather than alien, we get a glimpse of a villain who by all means probably shouldn’t be running around in this crossover:


Uh-oh. The “Heroes vs. Aliens” event kicks off with Supergirl on November 28.


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