The BBC's new version of 1950s "Killer-Plants-From-Outer-Space" drama The Day Of The Triffids has just rocketed to the top of my personal must-see list. The reason? A cast that includes Eddie Izzard and Jason Priestly.

It's not just Izzard and Priestly who'll be heading up the human resistance to our new plant overlords - The cast list, announced today, also includes Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox, Dougray Scott, and Nip/Tuck's Joely Richardson. With such a strange collection of familiar faces, and a script from Law & Order writer Patrick Harbinson, I've become convinced that this new 2-part mini-series is destined to be 2009's The Andromeda Strain. And I mean that in as much of a good way as possible.


Eddie Izzard and Vanessa Redgrave line up for BBC Day of the Triffids remake []