Two weeks in advance, Warner Brothers gave the New York Comic-Con audience a sneak peek at the new Dark Knight trailer. It shows more of the tangly relationships between Batman and one of his most iconic villains, plus Gotham City's new criminal status quo. Spoilery details below the jump.

The trailer shows more of the love triangle between Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne and Bruce's ex, Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gillenhaal). Rachel and Harvey are dating, and you can tell Bruce is none too happy about it. There appear to be a lot of high society events where the three uncomfortably dance around each other. Harvey even asks Alfred if Rachel has any psychopathic ex-boyfriends he needs to know about, to which Alfred replies, "you have no idea."


Meanwhile, the Joker is seen collecting criminals underground and building his own army. He harangues his new posse that their days of doing whatever they want are over, adding, "This city needs a new class of criminal, and I'm going to give it to them." Unfortunately there was no shot of Two Face yet but a small glimpse into the possible disfiguration of pretty-boy Harvey as the trailer showed a glimpse of him tied down and screaming "No" on the ground.

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