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New Concept Art Shows Off Batman v Superman's Batcave

Illustration for article titled New Concept Art Shows Off iBatman v Superman/is Batcave

While Ben Affleck’s Batman may be letting Wayne Manor fall into disrepair, the Batcave remains a high-tech and up-to-date haven, as you can see from the concept art dropped by Entertainment Weekly.


EW also has a still from the movie showing Bruce Wayne and Alfred (Jeremy Irons) in the Batcave, with Alfred in an apron or coverall of some sort. This makes sense, because Irons describes his character as “bit of a grease monkey,” who is “very involved in the decisions Bruce makes.”

The aesthetic of this Batcave is a bit sleeker and more compartmentalized than what we’ve seen before. Plus, the red and blue color palette is curious, as it seems more better suited to Superman than Batman.



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You know what I want?

A Batman movie without Bruce Wayne. Some kind of ticking clock scenario maybe... I don’t know- sometimes it just feels like Bruce Wayne is sucking all the fun out of the proceedings.