New Concept Art Shows How The Haunting "Gift" Could Become A Full-Length Film

Yesterday, we showed you The Gift, a tantalizing short film about humans and robots who both desire a mysterious box. Now it turns out the film-maker already has a full-length movie version planned out, and some concept art has appeared.


News reports said major studios were bidding to be the one to develop Carl Erik Rinsch's buzz-worthy "The Gift" into a full-length movie. (Rinsch is a Ridley Scott protege, who was in line to direct the Alien prequel at one point, before Scott got drafted to do it himself.)

And now Slashfilm is reporting that Rinsch has already planned out the full-length movie version, called Small. And they featured some concept art from the movie that looked like a weird blend of Robocop and Star Wars. Check out more of the art at the link. [Slashfilm]

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