New Clone Wars Trailer Shows The Violent Side Of Lucas' Aliens

The next trailer for Star Wars: Clone Wars came out at Comic Con, and they're really turning everything a shade darker in the new season. Bounty hunters torturing chained up victims, war, jealousy... and Obi-Wan's old flame is ignited.

I'm particularly surprised by all the violence, this new Bounty Hunter-centric season looks like it's taking the puppet-like characters a whole lot darker. Which could be pretty great — we're looking for the grim-and-gritty Ahsoka Tano.


The next season will begin on October 2.

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Oh don't worry. This is just the promo to get people excited. There will be plenty of really tiresome episodes that revolve around Jar Jar or R2D2 getting into wacky hijinks or something. You know, for the kids. (Funny, the bits I liked as a kid had nothing to do with Ewoks, R2D2, or C-3P0 and had everything to do with Hoth or the Death Star Attack run or Tie Fighters, but hey, apparently I wasn't like most kids).