New Clips from iZombie Show How Hard "Full On Zombie Mode" Is

Next week we finally get to see the premiere of iZombie, the CW's latest foray in the realm of supernatural television. With these two new clips, we're pretty enchanted with the show's protagonist, Liv (Rose McIver).


The clip above has Liv meeting Clive Babinaux, in a way that does not seem to indicate that he'd be sensitive to Liv's secret zombie plight. And yet, he's going to work very closely with Liv as she helps solve crimes — crimes he was having trouble with. From this clip, I think we can see that there's going to be a little internal conflict for Liv.

The second clip includes the always-entertaining David Anders as Blaine DeBeers. As someone that sympathize with Liv, it's an interesting little moment. The two may not approach their condition in the same way, but there's something attractive to her about him.

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Coronal Shadow

Once again: New Zealand, home of all things awesome.

(Rose McIver is from NZ, if you didn't know.)