Now we're thoroughly satisfied that the once-defunct movie adaptation of Jose Saramago's Blindness deserves your attention (after some much needed adjustments). Here are a few clips of the masses unraveling while their city is swept with a blindness epidemic. The style is intended to evoke the "milky white" film that blocks the victims' sight. Watch Julianne Moore lay down some heavy threats and Gael García Bernal go crazy as he claims himself King Of Ward 3.The clips look great, and Danny Glover can almost pull off that ridiculous eye patch. I'm excited to watch Moore take charge when she reveals that she's the only one in the quarantine who can see — I'd follow Moore into any post-apocalyptic future. Blindness hits theaters September 26, 2008. Nothing:Mark Ruffalo checks out a patient with the first case of the "milky white" blindness. Bathroom Problems: Uh oh, looks likes the good doctor has a bad case of blindness himself. Meet The Crazy King Of The Ward: I Won't Forget Your Face:


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