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New clip showcases the main reason to stay excited about Amazing Spider-Man

There are a lot of reasons to have misgivings about Amazing Spider-Man. It's too soon after the last Spider-Man trilogy to reboot the character. The whole "Peter angsts about his missing parents" thing is too mythology-heavy, and possibly detracts from the key "I didn't stop the mugger that killed Uncle Ben" part of his origin. The hints in the trailers that bad guys turned Peter Parker into Spidey on purpose seem clunky and unnecessary. Etc. etc.


But there's one reason to be pumped as hell about this film — the way they've found to make Spider-Man's action sequences look totally realistic and awesome. Just check out this new one-minute clip, where Spider-Man flees the cops by swinging, doing flips and generally being a total acrobatic bad-ass. Memories of the CG Spidey-legs from Raimi's films are rapidly being banished, as we look at the wonder of really well done practical effects. Watch the clip in high def over at Yahoo!.

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Small nag about the 3D. Saw Prometheus tonight and attached was the most recent TASM trailer and boy was it awful in 3D.

It wasn't just me who noticed this but the action moves too fast for the eye to catch it and the result is a somewhat interlaced image. The other part and pay attention when you see it happens when Spidey is in the car with the robber and you can see the back wall THROUGH the robber. Really bad implementation which makes me think 2D will be the way to go. Yes I know this was a trailer but the action sequences I doubt will be improved on.