New Clip From SGU Starts A Bloody Riot Aboard Destiny

Shit is hitting the fan aboard the starship Destiny, and it looks like our main man Greer is about to snap poor Camille Wray, right in half. Check out our exclusive gallery and clip from this Friday's new episode, "Pain."

All we know about next week's episode is from the online description, "Members of the Destiny crew begin experiencing disturbingly real hallucinations." And what we can tell from that super intense clip is that Greer has most likely lost his mind. But I must admit I like seeing Camille in this scenario — I've never seen her scared before. But on top of the crew's slowly slipping psyche, looks like the blue goons are back. And who knows what they're up to now.


SGU's "Pain" is on Friday on the Syfy Channel.

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Yeah, but no matter what happens, we know they'll just reset at the end of the episode, like nothing ever happened.