New casting call shows how Spielberg's Terra Nova will ramp up the non-dinosaur drama

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Steven Spielberg's time-traveling dinosaur drama Terra Nova has just cranked back into production, making the first episode after the pilot. We found a casting call for episode two, which introduces a new character who'll cause lots of trouble.


One of the biggest question marks over Terra Nova has been how the show will sustain its drama over the course of a whole season — you can't have dinosaur attacks and laser battles and time tunnels in every episode. And now, with the new casting call that just went out, the show is developing more potential for major drama. Spoilers ahead...

And it seems one way in which Terra Nova will ramp up the drama is... by introducing a love triangle.


The show put out a casting call for Malcolm Wallace, who's been in the prehistoric world longer than Jim and Elizabeth Shannon. He's a doctor, who knew Elizabeth Shannon in medical school. And the two of them were an item twenty years ago — before Malcolm announced that he never wanted to have children, because he couldn't stand to bring new people into the doomed, dying world of the mid-22nd century. So Elizabeth and Malcolm broke up, and soon afterwards Elizabeth hooked up with Jim.

Elizabeth and Malcolm have to work together to save someone from a deadly disease whose only cure is a rare plant that they're having trouble finding — and meanwhile, Jim can tell that Malcolm still has a thing for his wife. In fact, Malcolm seems quite surprised that Elizabeth's husband, who was supposed to be in jail in the future, has made his way back to the past. Can you see the drama brewing yet?

Terra Nova launches this fall.

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Love Triangles. When nicely done, they can be awesome to watch. When done badly, they get tiresome very quickly.

Unfortunately, love triangles are rarely nicely done. Can you name one who was well done?