New Captain America 2 commercial reveals one hell of a spoiler

Obviously, if you don't want to know a pretty major plot development, stop reading and definitely don't watch the video. Or if you do, watch it on mute.


So Nick Fury dies, apparently? I guess it's possible that Fury could have gone on medical leave, and Cap is saying "Fury's last words..." as in "...before he went to the hospital for his physical therapy class," but people rarely break out the "His last words..." unless they mean "...before he croaked." Which is a hell of a thing to just casually reveal in a random TV spot.

But I wouldn't be too worried about Fury's demise, because seemingly dying is something he does in the comics a lot. They've generally been elaborate ruses (often using robots, although that's probably not the case here) so he could investigate something shady going on in SHIELD — something like whatever the hell Robert Redford's evil SHIELD commander is probably doing. In fact, I'd feel safe betting money on it. But we'll see.

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Yes, Marvel most definitely killed off Samuel L. Jackson's character because he completed his 10 film agreement. Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, and Captain America 2. Yup, that's all 10 of them. Let's not worry that he's in Avengers 2 and there is a rumored film focusing on Nick Fury. He is most definitely killed off in this film.

Or, ya know, Cap could be saying "His last words" literally. As in, the last thing that Fury said to me, aka his actual last words spoken before we were seperated, were to not trust anyone. Automatically assuming "his last words" is an indication of his death is such a fucking leap of logic it makes creationists look sane.