New Book Explains How to Peddle Your Ass in Second Life

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The best thing about Daniel Terdiman's new book, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Second Life, is that it teaches you how to be a hooker. Sure there's informative stuff about how to set up a business and advertise in the metaverse, but what pushes this book into virtual world classic territory is the blithe way Terdiman explains fetishism and fucking in Second Life using the how-to tone you'd expect from an article about home electronics kits in MAKE magazine:

The Second Life sex industry consists of the following categories: fashion, accessories, genitals, clubs, escorts, toys, furniture, and animations. An explanation of each follows.


Even better? The advice from sex entrepreneurs.

Second Life escort Andrea Faulkner tells Terdiman:

Set a realistic price for yourself until you build a stable of regulars . . . Don't get into a relationship. It's going to be drama eventually, no matter what he says. No one wants to date a hooker . . . Don't be afraid to say no to a request. If you start degrading yourself and hating the job, you'll burn out.


And then we also learn about why there's a brisk trade in genitals. Writes Terdiman:

Second Life avatars don't come with genitals . . . people can buy a wide range of penises and vaginas in various sizes . . . genitals can also have sophisticated scripts added . . . [one such genital was a vagina that] creates a private room and sex poses on demand, on the spot . . . There is also a market for parts that would have pleased Catherin the Great (i.e., animal penises).

There are a lot of books about virtual worlds and Second Life, but Terdiman's is perhaps the best introduction to them because he manages to capture the strangeness of a world where everything goes because nothing is real except money. Image by DeeDee Deepdene.

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