New Benjamin Button TV Spot Has Baby Brad Struggling With Wrinkles And Women

The latest TV spot for the world's hottest backwards aging baby is out along with a glowing review from Variety. The back-and-forth around David Fincher's flick is driving me a bit mad, we've heard reports of that BB is confusing and long winded, now we're hearing that the flick deserves a basket full of Oscars. While I must admit that the trailers are gorgeous and the score is catchy I'm not sure what to do with Variety's "four quadrant art film" review.I can't remember the last time I heard someone call a movie "magic" and "life-affirming" but according to Variety's write-up, that's what Fincher is delivering. Then again I don't really trust anyone who would use the word "magic" and isn't talking about Wizards. Here's a little part of the review:

It's magic realism propelled by extraordinary filmmaking technology but it's not remotely what I'd call cold. It creates a world of oddities and wonderful, off-kilter characters but the whole piece is anchored by a decades long relationship that gets strained, frayed, breaks and rebuilds into something profound and moving. The achievement is big and bold and ambitious and life-affirming, but the sentimentality is always toughened by the continual sense of loss and deep sadness at the transitory nature of the human condition. If it sounds like an art movie, it absolutely is, but it's a four quadrant art film!... Whole bunch of Oscar noms across the board in all the major and tech categories, would seem almost certain noms for Pitt and Blanchett, Fincher, Roth, Dp, editor, etc etc. There are so many supporting roles that it will be hard to sort out noms in those categories, but if I had to call out one, it would be Jason Flemyng as Benjamin's father, as he really adds great gravity and humanity to this key role.


Hey maybe Fincher can make a believer out of me, but as of right now I can't see this film as anything more than a good looking holiday flick to see with the family. But I hope I'm wrong and I leave the theater affirmed about my life (gag).

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i know its not tim burton but when i saw the trailer i started thinking the movie seems in the same vein as big fish. and i liked that movie