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Is the Sci-Fi Channel frakkin with us again? According to Galactica Sitrep, Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) revealed to fans at Dragon*Con that he's heard rumors that the new season of Battlestar Galactica won't air until April of 2009. That means half a year until we get to rejoin our favorite warring space heroes. It also completely conflicts with past reports from Sci-Fi. Many months ago the Sci Fi Channel president, Dave Howe, announced that the second half of the final BSG series would start airing in January. This is already a long time to wait, so I hope those Con rumors aren't true. Plus spreading these kind of rumors could wind up earning the Chief a good old fashioned air locking. If this is true, and I have to wait four more months until I get to see new cylon on human action, I may go actually insane from anticipation. Like pre-harem, dirty-beard Baltar insane. [Galacitca Sitrep]


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