New Battlestar Clip: The Gods Hate Gaius Baltar

Even as the once-solid Cylon unity starts to splinter, a religious war is looming on Battlestar Galactica, judging from this clip from tomorrow night's episode. Baltar's been a traitor, an arrogant scientist, and a corrupt politician... but apparently there are third, fourth and fifth acts in Caprican life. (And maybe sixth, if Baltar's mental Cylon companion has her way.) "Escape Velocity" will be streaming hourly at starting at noon EST tomorrow, and airing at 10 PM on Sci Fi tomorrow night. (And meanwhile, it looks like Sci Fi is also featuring the cable premiere of Uwe Boll's Bloodrayne II: Deliverance on Saturday night. Wha?)


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Charlie Jane Anders

@zorazero: Is it Ares? Or Aires?