New Battle LA clips bring you face to face with the alien enemy

This latest look inside the gritty "war against the aliens" movie shows what happens when the humans decide to fight back! No longer on the streets of LA, this clip appears to transport the viewer onto the aliens' home turf.

So is this a space ship, a planet, or just a redecorated human abode? We'll only know for sure the day it's released in theaters, March 11th.

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I'm looking for some feedback here.

What's with the bizarre fascination on American invasion fantasy? So much of it seems to have sprung up after 9/11, but I'm sure there were lots of cases of it before. I think it has something to do with invasion being such an unknown prospect for us, since we never experienced it on any sort of consequential level. Part of me thinks that it represents an ideal. People of all sorts coming together to defend the country from an external threat. Suburban office workers defending their homes and backyards from foreigners/aliens/zombies.

I'm not even sure where I'm going with this. Just something to think about.