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The latest batch of zombie movie pitches are making me feel like the zombies are having a massive midlife crisis. First they get an expensive motorcycle to feel young again, then they start dumping their retirement funds into long cruises with other zombies, looking for a good time but not wanting to leave the comfort of their cabin (maybe even experimenting with a little zombie swinging, to bring the spark back). At least, two new undead movie pitches, Dead at Sea and Chopper Zombie, combine to tell us one thing: don't be surprised if your zombie comes home with an earring. Click through for details on both movies.


Reality television producer Thom Beers is pitching Chopper Zombie, as a comic and later a movie. The idea is this genius inventor develops a special new kind of fuel. When he won't sell the formula to big brother, they drown him in his own recipe. He of course comes back as a zombie and seeks revenge.

Dead At Sea is a zombie script that has kicked around for years, focusing on what would happen if the undead ran rampant over a cruise liner. It hasn't been picked up yet, but it surely can't be any worse than Ghost Ship. Hopefully the new comic Dead Ahead (which follows the same story line) will inspire this wacky story to be told on screen. Dead Ahead follows two fishermen stranded at sea that can't return to their infected dry land. Unfortunately for them they stumble upon cruise ship jam-packed with zombies. The comic comes out this September, and I expect will be made into a movie by end of Christmas.


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