New Avengers: Endgame Footage Already Won the Super Bowl

Meet the new Avengers.
Image: Marvel Studios

The biggest movie during last year’s Super Bowl was Avengers: Infinity War. And so Earth’s Mightiest Heroes had to come back for 2019, right? Well, half of them at least.


Yes, fresh off being snapped out of existence, new footage from Avengers: Endgame just premiered ahead of tonight’s big game. Check it out.

In retrospect, it makes all the sense in the world that Endgame would have a lot in common with The Leftovers, but it’s still arresting to see that everyone left in the MCU is struggling to cope with what was essentially the rapture by way of an insane alien god. But the scale of Thanos’ attack on the universe is something that leaves Earth a profoundly different place—cities feel dead, stadiums are left empty, and the world’s mightiest heroes are doing everything they can to prepare for their next big battle.

While there’s certainly more to scratch our heads over after the first trailer, the state of the universe is still unclear. It seems very likely that Marvel is more than happy not giving us much in the way of plot or details as we approach this film’s opening. Which is probably for the best.

That opening is April 26 and we are very excited.

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My hope for Endgame? They really do spend some time acknowledging that randomly killing half of the planet would end up killing way, way more than that in secondary kills. Power plants would fail, supply chains would fall apart, governments would be decimated...

...basically, it’s good odds that with half of humanity wiped from existence, something like another 25% would starve over the next year.