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Check out James Cameron's sick collection of futuristic human weaponry — and the Pandoran defense system: sharp pointy fangs! Lots of new human-centric footage in this new featurette. Plus, learn what Avatar has in common with The Core.


The mess hall and cryo sleeping chamber are pretty intricate, we can't wait to see them in 3D. But the power suits and what-not are a little Starship Trooper Marauders. Still, it makes a lot of splodey noises and lights.


More Avatar Info

Did you guess the connection between The Core and Avatar? Well that's easy: it's unobtanium. The mineral that the humans are killing off Na'vi for is the same as the metal that allows The Core's ship to drill into the Earth. You know: the hotter and faster you work it, the harder it gets. Ah, made up science-fictional materials, how we love thee — especially handwavium.

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