New Attack on Titan Poster Reveals The Most Colossal Titan Yet

A newly released poster for the live-action adaptation of Attack on Titan suggests its titans will be even bigger than their manga counterparts.

Here's the new poster, which was unveiled yesterday, in conjunction with an Attack on Titan exhibit in Tokyo:


According to Anime News Network, the colossal Titan in the manga and TV anime was about 60 meters tall (about 200 feet). In contrast, the live-action films' colossal Titan will stand at twice that height, "towering over even the 108-meter (350-foot) height of the tallest movie Godzilla ever, the monster from Garth Edwards and Legendary Pictures' Godzilla film this year."

In other words: This thing puts the Titan that peered over Wall Maria to shame.

ANN translates the poster's taglines:

The world is cruel.

Creator Hajime Isayama x Director Shinji Higuchi x Special Effects Director Katsuro Onoue

Attack on Summer 2015.


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