New Ash vs Evil Dead Clip Confirms That Last Week's Episode Was Just a Surreal Nightmare

Image: Starz

Last week’s Ash vs Evil Dead saw Bruce Campbell’s cocky hero trapped in a grimy asylum ruled by a sinister doctor who looked an awful lot like the demon Baal, and filled with other characters who were dead ringers for Ruby, Kelly, and Pablo. Obviously, this was some kind of Baal-induced mindfuckery. Right?

The episode really stuck to its guns, putting Ash through hell as he grappled with his sanity, the nature of reality, and a very sassy Ash puppet with a mind of its own. Aside from the wink-wink fact that the ep was titled “Delusion,” there was just one glimmer of hope at the very end that Ash hadn’t fallen completely under the control of Baal—though most viewers would have already guessed that, of course.


In this clip from Sunday’s episode, “Ashy Slashy,” loyal Ash sidekicks Kelly and Pablo appear (as themselves) as they strategize about finding Ash and using the Necronomicon, which has fused itself into Pablo, to defeat Baal once and for all.

After “Ashy Slashy,” there are only two episodes left, and we have yet to get any of those Army of Darkness references that were promised long before the season began. Will time travel be coming in the season finale?

Ash vs Evil Dead airs Sunday nights on Starz.


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