New Art Reveals Iron Man's Back-Up Dancers, The Ironettes

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You might have noticed Tony Stark going all James Brown in the Iron Man 2 trailer, with a set of cheerleader-esque backup dancers. They're called the Ironettes, and an artist has posted some cool-looking sketches. Minor spoilers below.


One of the Ironettes is played by cheerleader Renee Herlocker, who tells an interviewer that the dance sequence appears right at the beginning of the new film, when Tony appears at an expo and gives a speech. Herlocker was supposed to have a bit of dialogue, but because Robert Downey Jr. was having a hard time remembering his lines, they shortened the whole scene and her lines were cut.

Artist Chris Kawagiwa posted some sketches of the Ironette uniform, plus the version of the Iron Man armor that Tony wears in this scene:

Update: Kawagiwa wrote to us and said these pictures aren't concept art, they're sketches he made on the set, where he was working as a "background actor."


"I want to get up and do my thing. You know, like a... like a... War Machine." Okay, maybe not. [via ComicBookMovie]

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"Robert Downey Jr. was having a hard time remembering his lines"

"I don't read the scrip, da scrip reads me."- Tropic Thunder

Maybe RD Jr was telling the truth with that line!