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New Arrow featurette includes our first glimpse of actual supervillains!

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Here's a brand new featurette about Arrow, the new Green Arrow show coming on The CW this fall. Including a rundown of how Oliver Queen was stranded on an island and became committed to great justice and even greater shirtlessness. This show is already our new guilty pleasure.


Oh, and there appear to be masked villains! We were worried this show was literally just going to be a bow-wielding vigilante in a hood hunting down regular criminals in street clothes every week. So the first gilmpse of a weird red mask is encouraging — let's hope by the end of the first season we're getting some more fantastical enemies. We can dream, right?

Also, it turns out that when Oliver Queen crashed on that island, he was in the middle of having sex with his girlfriend's sister. Oops.


And here's a five-minute featurette about The CW's Beauty and the Beast remake:

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I guess I can see someone getting really good at the bow if they have to use it to survive but super buff? He must have had a pretty good diet and extra time for working out. Also was he attacked a lot on this deserted island since he seemed keyed to defend himself in his sleep.

The show looks better then I thought though and I am look forward to giving it a shot. I am not that familiar with Green Arrow but I have heard he differentiated himself from Batman by being more focused on social justice which I think would be interesting to see on the show. That and a kick ass Black Canary, even if she doesn't have her powers.