New anthology on climate change packed with amazing science fiction authors

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What will happen when we burn through the ozone layer, or raise Earth's temperatures so high that the methane ice clades melt and release toxic gas into the atmosphere? Those are the kinds of questions that the contributors to a new anthology from OR Books ask - and answer. This collection of short stories, called Welcome to the Greenhouse, features work by Brian W. Aldiss, Jeff Carlson, Judith Moffett, Matthew Hughes, Gregory Benford, Michael Alexander, Bruce Sterling, Joseph Green, Pat MacEwen, Alan Dean Foster, David Prill, George Guthridge, Paul Di Filippo, Chris Lawson, Ray Vukcevich and M. J. Locke.

Here's the summary:

What will our new world look like? How will we-can we-adapt? The clash of a rapidly changing environment with earth's self-styled ruling species, humans, provides ample creative fodder for this riveting anthology of original science fiction. In Welcome to the Greenhouse, award-winning editor Gordon Van Gelder has brought together sixteen speculative stories by some of the most imaginative writers of our time. Terrorists, godlike terraformers, and humans both manipulative and hapless populate these pages. The variety of stories reflects the possibilities of our future: grim, hopeful, fantastic and absurd.


The book comes out this week and you can pre-order it now via OR Books.

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Steffen Larsen

In 10-20 years time this will be viewed as a strange cultural curiosity.

A relic of from time when we were under the delusion that variations in naturally occurring trace gas could wreak DOOM on an entire planet.

And what the hell are "methane ice clades"? Do you mean clathrates?

If so the press release hardly bodes well for the scientific accuracy in these short stories.