Crispin Glover as Mr. World, the god of globalization.
Image: Starz

In the finale of American Gods’ first season, Mr. Wednesday finally let the new gods of globalization, media, and modern technology know that while the old gods’ powers may be waning, they’ve still got enough spiritual weight to do some serious damage in the coming war of the deities.

By killing a number of Technical Boy’s grotesque “children” as a tribute to Ostara (Easter”), the goddess of spring, Wednesday was able to demonstrate the god-killing abilities he’s retained, despite the number of his believers dwindling, and make a bold move toward forcing people to begin worshiping the old gods once more.


Freshly empowered by Wednesday’s sacrifice, Ostara has enough strength to stop spring and drain the life out of the land, and while it’s unclear how large her sphere of influence is, it’s implied that what she’s doing is going to affect a significant chunk of the country. As soon as people start praying for spring—and by extension vegetation and the larger balance of the ecosystem, Wednesday explains, everything will return to normal, but not until the old gods have all had a chance to bask in the resurgence of worship.

The newest clip from American Gods’ second season finds Mr. World and Technical Boy on the run, and legitimately terrified of what they’ve just seen. Powerful though they are, they could never have anticipated Wednesday making a move like that, and Media, for her part, has straight-up ditched her buds, presumably out of a desire to do her own thing.

With Media missing, Mr. World understands that he’s going to need a new salesperson to help maintain his control of messaging, and he sends the kid on the hunt for New Media, a god who can explain to you why young people aren’t buying diamonds. Judging from the few brief glimpses we’ve seen of her, though, it doesn’t seem as if Techie’s going to have a particularly easy time of convincing her to join their cause when American Gods returns to Starz on March 10.

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