New Amazing Spider-Man trailer delivers both angst and awesome quips

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The new trailer for Amazing Spider-Man showcases the whole range of styles in this film — from moody, emo-soaked angst to insanely funny quips and sight-gags. (Spider-Man's joke when he faces the car thief is priceless, and so is the web-shooter bukkake moment.) It also shows just how much the whole thing is bound up with Peter's issues with his mysteriously missing parents, with Peter going to insane lengths to discover what happened to Ma and Pa Parker.

The good news? The action sequences are still looking pretty insanely boss. Including some of the Spidey/Lizard fight sequences. The coolest thing about this film, so far, is how it changes the way Peter Parker moves.

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James Whitbrook

I'm really excited for TAS, but I don't know why, the concept that Peter's powers weren't an accident bugs me. I'm not much of a comic book reader, but as far as I always knew it was never shown that his spider-bite was intentional, or pre-meditated by some third party, was it? I've always seen it as being an accident, so seeing the implication of it being otherwise riles me a little.

That's the only thing that bugs me though. Everything else looks fun!