New Alien 5 Concept Art Brings Back Newt and She's Badass

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In celebration of Alien Day, Neill Blomkamp posted some more concept art from his version of Alien 5, a film that is in constant flux as to whether or not it will exist—Schrödinger’s movie, if you will.

Now, since this is concept art from Alien 5 of Newt, it can be inferred that Blompkamp’s intention is to bring that character back from the dead for this movie—either explaining it away or shoving Alien 3 out of canon. Of course, Blompkamp didn’t actually say any of this. His comment on the Instagram post is just “Alien Day.”

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I’d like to see Newt leading a squad of space marines commissioned to eliminate Xenomorph threats, with weaponry and powered armored suits designed specifically for that threat. Having lived with them for longer than probably any other human, she’d have a lot of insight on the enemy. Maybe even have some tech stolen from Predators or something.