Nevermind the Lolcats Here's Cthulhu

The only kinds of kittens we've really referred to here at io9 have been War Kittens, although there was a Laser Kittens entry that popped up during our Terminator photo contest, and we told you about Sex Kittens Go To College. However, as cute as they are, we've been dying for a meme to replace the lolcatz that have swept the nation. We need fret no longer. Check out a meme destined to spew forth from the bowels of other dimensions and onto our screens.


There's just something so perfectly absurd about combining a shambling horror with a cutesy saying that gets to us. It might be hard to take a tentacled beast that has come for your soul seriously after seeing some of these, but we wouldn't mind seeing them pop up as comments from time to time. There's a bunch already up at the Lolthulhu website, and you should feel free to make your own. Of course, it's a lot easier to find a picture of a cat doing something strange that it is to find a photo of a Shoggoth. [Thanks, Kit!]

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