That's a crucial lesson that you'll learn from the movie Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood. A lot of this movie is on Youtube thanks to MovieClips, and it actually looks worse than its criminally insane predecessor Leprechaun 5: In Tha Hood.


In the above scene, the Leprechaun is looking for his missing gold, which has been turned into gold teeth and stuff (in another scene, he's so intent on getting a girl's gold tooth, he rips out her entire jaw.) But he's not so intent on collecting gold that he won't pause to smoke out.

And then in what I'm guessing is the following scene, the newly stoned Leprechaun gets the munchies:

Judging from these clips, this movie actually makes Leprechaun in tha Hood look like The Seventh Seal by comparison. Seriously. Just heinous. At least Leprechaun in tha Hood had Ice-T and Travis Mayweather from Star Trek: Enterprise in it, plus some completely insane rapping-Leprechaun action. This is just embarrassing. And the nine other clips that are on Youtube are actually considerably worse, FYI.


It all just goes to show — the Leprechaun franchise peaked when he went into space and burst out of a man's penis, before becoming a super-giant Space Leprechaun and dying from explosive decompression. How do you improve on that?