Hip-hop culture has caused profound harm to American adolescents, according to a new study from the Journal of Neurosurgery. But it doesn't warp teenaged brains or make kids more violent; instead, it's lead to a sharp rise in head injuries.

So what has hip-hop done to incur the wrath of pediatric neurosurgeons? It gave the world car surfing, which involves one or more persons treating the head of a moving car as a surfboard. The paper points the finger at the Bay Area's Hyphy movement, in particular, for glamorizing an activity that tends to end in severe head trauma.


The study's authors don't lay exclusive blame on Hyphy, noting that the car-surfing meme (along with head injuries) spikes with each release of Grand Theft Auto, each YouTube video, and every incident of car surfing on the silver screen (Teen Wolf gets a mention, but Zoe Bell's nail-biting Death Proof stunt is conspicuously absent). But, unless they can travel back in time and kill the Hyphy movement's grandparents, it seems that these neurologists are stuck with the ages-old problem of keeping kids from doing stupid things.

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