Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House Announces a Second Season, With a Twist

Carla Gugino in The Haunting of Hill House’s first season.
Carla Gugino in The Haunting of Hill House’s first season.
Photo: Steve Dietl (Netflix)

Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House was one of our favorite TV shows of 2018, but the story of the troubled Crain siblings seemed too self-contained to extend it for another season. Not to worry, though; the horror hit will return, this time with an all-new set of characters and story. It’s going anthology, baby!


This is according to a report in Deadline, which surfaced at almost the exact moment Netflix shared a cryptic teaser for season two on Twitter. Check it out:

Yeah, that tells us nothing, except that we’re definitely going to have the bejesus scared out of us all over again.

Fortunately, a few minutes later, Netflix revealed the new season’s title, as well as the source material. Instead of Shirley Jackson this time around, inspiration will come from the works of Henry James, especially 1898 haunted-mansion tale The Turn of the Screw:

And there’s even more good news wrapped up in this for horror fans: The Hill House re-up is part of a larger Netflix deal for creators Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy. Per Deadline, which notes that season two of Hill House may include some of season one’s actors returning in new roles (shades of American Horror Story), longtime creative partners Flanagan and Macy will work on developing new series for Netflix, focusing on “horror, thriller, supernatural thriller and sci-fi though they are said to also be open to other genres.”

Flanagan is very busy at the moment—lest you forget, he’s also directing Ewan McGregor in the big-screen sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep—but based on that teaser, we’ll be “expecting” more Haunting come 2020.


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Fascinating. I’m in.


I’m also curious how this will work out, after seeing how the ghosts of Hill House weren’t actually all that malicious despite being pretty scary. Not that Bly Manor can’t go in a different route with its haunting, but it’s not all that scary once you know the ghosts haunting the house weren’t actually dangerous or even ill-intentioned.