Netflix's Stretch Armstrong Show Will Let Viewers Pull the Story in Different Directions

An example of the interactive mechanic on Netflix’s Stretch Armstrong show.
Photo: Netflix

Netflix’s Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters series reinvents the toy superhero as part of a team of crimefighters, but a new episode will be featuring a gimmick that lets the audience choose where the plot goes.

A new trailer debuted via IGN shows Stretch and his super-buddies fighting monstrous enemies and previews how the interactive mechanic will work in your home.

In terms of story structure, Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout doesn’t appear to be as deep as, say, a BioWare video game. But it does seem like the sort of thing that might get young viewers to watch an episode multiple times, which is likely something that Netflix views as valuable.


This new special will start streaming on March 13.


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