Netflix's Rim of the World Looks Like Attack the Block at Summer Camp

Alessio Scalzotto, Benjamin Flores Jr., Jack Gore, and Miya Cech star in Rim of the World.
Alessio Scalzotto, Benjamin Flores Jr., Jack Gore, and Miya Cech star in Rim of the World.
Image: Netflix
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Who doesn’t love a movie about kids saving the world? The list of great ones, or at least those that have become fan favorites, is long and distinguished—and Netflix is hoping to add another title with its latest original film.

The film is called Rim of the World and it’s directed by McG, best known for the Charlie’s Angels films as well as Terminator Salvation. Here, aliens invade the world over summer vacation and four kids band together to save the world. Sort of like Attack the Block or Super 8 at Camp Crystal Lake, just without Jason. The trailer has an upbeat, self-aware tone and we’re very into it. Check it out.

Rim of the World is written by Zach Stentz, who wrote Thor, X-Men: First Class, episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Flash, and Fringe, and has been attached to the upcoming Booster Gold movie and the Big Trouble in Little Trouble remake. That’s a long way of saying he’s a writer who knows his way around the sci-fi pop culture realm. Plus, when it comes to movies for kids, starring kids, genre is sorely lacking (see A Kid Who Would Be King for another example) these days. We’re ready to see it kicked up a notch.


You don’t even have to leave your house to see Rim of the World. It comes to Netflix May 24.

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Angrier Geek

It looks like big fun and I can’t wait to see it.

But because people are horrible, Stentz himself has been on Twitter talking about assholes who a) call it a Stranger Things rip-off because they seriously don’t get why the show is set in the fucking 80's to begin with and b) are complaining about the diversity.