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Netflix's Marianne Debut Teaser Is About a Writer Who's at War With Her Own Villain

Emma (Victoire Du Bois) describes Marianne, a witch who’s long haunted her nightmares.
Emma (Victoire Du Bois) describes Marianne, a witch who’s long haunted her nightmares.
Image: Netflix
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Stephen King’s got nothing on this horror writer. The debut teaser for Netflix’s new French series Marianne centers around a famous novelist who uses her books to keep a horrifying witch at bay...but it can’t work forever.


Written and directed by Samuel Bodin, Marianne stars Victoire Du Bois (Call Me By Your Name) as Emma, a writer who’s long been plagued by nightmares of a witch named Marianne. She used her series of books as a way to “keep her at bay,” but Emma realizes the characters from her books are coming to life and is compelled to return home to figure out why.

The series looks sublimely creepy, conjuring up recent horror hits like Netflix’s House on Haunted Hillwith a healthy dose of Alan Wake thrown in there. The first eight-episode season debuts on Netflix September 13.


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Looks like it could be fun to watch. It’s easier to think of the premise and concept as something similar to Stephen King or Alan Wake. Although for me it reminds me more of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.